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Australian Culture Essay

Before delving into answering the question of whether Australia has its own culture or not, one should seek to define what a culture really is. National culture is defined as having certain rules, and values that are to be found within a state. The definition of national culture is a starting point in explaining the question at hand as it highlights that having a set of norms, and beliefs are essential for any nation to showcase its culture. While analyzing Australia, it becomes evident that this nation encompasses diverse cultures and therefore does not have a specific national identity. Australia has been moulding itself according to diversity that is present in its population. People having different origins have settled in Australia and each group displays their own norms and cultural beliefs. In this sense, it is safe to say that Australia does not restrict its people in acquiring a given national identity that would set the people apart from others. The number of migrants either first generation or second generation make up most of Australia’s population.
Having diverse cultures and traditions differentiates Australia from others as it has embraced people of different ethnicities and races which gives Australia a unique identity, one that upholds multicultural perspective and should be recognized as it is. The Australian people do not follow a particular lifestyle or a specific tradition. There are numerous languages and religions which make Australia a land of rich culture. Australia’s acceptance of diverse cultures, ethnicities, languages, and religion makes it a microcosm in itself. The fact that there are multiple groups of people residing in Australia has given the nation a sense of acceptance of the diversity that it carries. The nation allows its people to live their lives the way they want, be it in terms of religion, tradition, cultural beliefs, and even language. There are at least 300 languages spoken in Australia which are proof enough that the country does not implement a specific way of life or values that should be followed by every member of the society.
If one looks at the history of Australia, it becomes evident that the first settlers were the Aboriginal tribes. With the passage of time, different groups of people continued to settle in Australia which expanded the cultural domain and enriched the land’s social and cultural standing with diversity. The discussion then moves to the point of determining whether Australia has a national culture or not. One fact that resonates with Australia not having a national culture is that if the nation were to impose a certain national identity on its people then it would become a target for the racist groups which would use the opportunity to their benefit and label Australia as a racist nation. Therefore, the Australian government has given up on the idea of having one national identity and instead given the people the freedom of following any cultural beliefs and values that they find permissible. The freedom to choose any way of living for all groups of people has made Australia an enriched land and it continues to grow with each day as more and more groups continue to settle in Australia.
From the discussion above, it shows that Australia does not have any specific set of norms or values that the Australian people follow. The multiplicity of the cultures, ethnicities, races highlights the fact that Australia is a land of diverse cultures. Therefore, it does not have a national culture that it can identify with. However, it is true that the different identities settled in Australia make up for a unique national identity that is based on multiplicity and which also sets Australia apart from other countries.


Does Australia have a National Identity?



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