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Article Response to Early Head Start

Head Start was a project lasting eight weeks, and the Office of Economic Opportunity launched it during the summers of 1965 and 1966. Head Start was established as a result of research carried out about the effects of poverty and the impact of education on it.

After a declaration of ‘The War on Poverty’ by President Lyndon B. Johnson in January 1964, there was a need to develop a child development program that was comprehensive and could help societies meet the needs of preschool children who are disadvantaged. Head Start was planned to help destroy the poverty cycle and, at the same time, develop a comprehensive program to meet the social, nutritional, psychological, emotional, and health needs of disadvantaged preschool children. Head Start was later authorized to conduct full-day and full-year operations.

This paper connected the article ‘Head Start History’ by ECLKC with the article ‘Early Head Start Works’ by Zero to Three online resources. The two articles provide information about Head Start’s establishment and development. Both articles also give the importance and effects of the Head Start Program. The first article, ‘Head Start History,’ does not give a lot of detailed information compared to the second article, ‘Early Head Start Works.’ I do not agree with the articles where the first article, ‘Head Start History, ‘ claims that Head Start services are offered to families with children from birth to three years, while the second article, ‘Early Head Start Works, ‘ gives details of the Early Head Start for children at three years of age.

In conclusion, it is evident that the Early Head Start program can be associated with the success of children in school, has increased parental support of childhood development, and has helped break the poverty cycle, especially in families with low income. The controversial question for this paper is, “Does poverty determine a child’s success in school?”


Head Start History by Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center

Early Head Start Works by Zero to Three



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