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Article Critique; Anekwe, T. D., & Rahkovsky, I. (2014)

Article Critique

Diabetes has reached to alrmnig situation worldwide and similarly is playing havoc to the USA especially, American Adults. The specific diet plan is recommended by the experts in this regard. In this way, the prices of food items directly link with dietary paln and becomes a barrier in executing diabetes-healthy diet plan. The said article discusses and concludes the effect of food price on glucose level of adults with type 2 diabetes by using multiple dependent and independent variabels like processed food, dairy prodcuts, meat, fruits, calories, fat, and exercises like walk (specific duration), insurance policies and alcohol consumption, etc. The results of these variables concerning glucose level were calculated by statistical tools of means and standard deviation on the basis of Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) and Glycated Haemoglobin (GHb).

However, the results depict that the product and food item prices have a positive association with blood sugar level. For example, the value of glucose level $/100 g for oil and raw nuts is Oils and raw nuts, is 0.729 (0.094) and 0.727, for processed foods are 0.504 (0.042) and 0.505, for regular dairy is 0.532 (0.080) and 0.534, and for a walk or bike riding (past 30 days) is 0.187 (0.365) and 0.204 (0.372) on the FPG and GHb measures respectively. While the prices of calories gained by multiple food items by the body have a negative association with GHb. For example, Oils and raw nuts have FE (95% cl) as –0.88 (–2.41, 0.65) and OLS (95% cl) as –0.50 (–1.74, 0.74) on GHb measurement while FE (95% cl) as –24.99 (–82.65, 32.68) and OLS (95% cl) as –20.91 (–76.52, 34.70) on FPG measurement. Similarly, low-fat red meat has FE (95% cl) as –1.56 (–3.96, 0.85) and OLS (95% cl) as –1.52 (–3.05, 0.019) on GHb measurement while FE (95% cl) as –90.29 (–194.76, 14.18) and OLS (95% cl) as –27.74 (–116.37, 60.89) on FPG measurement.

The above said results show that the price of food items has an effective relationship with the blood glucose level of adults. So, it is suggested that US adults with type 2 diabetes must be benefitted from low price food items in terms of blood sugar level.


Anekwe, T. D., & Rahkovsky, I. (2018). The association between food prices and the blood glucose level of US adults with type 2 diabetes. American Journal of Public Health, 108(S6), S475-S482.



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