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Are you interested in the 21st-century teaching and learning?

Reading Response

From the article ‘’are you (p) interested in the 21st-century teaching and learning?” by Rachel Huber and Celeste Bates, one can learn that technology is becoming more useful in education. It has made teachers improve their teaching activities together with their skills since they can exchange ideas with their colleagues who are afar off (Rachel Huber pg 4). Therefore teaching through the use of modern technology gadgets is becoming fun, easy and interesting. The writers use various languages styles which I will address in this text.

The text outlines how teachers can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to learn some skills. It is a very detailed article since it has demonstrated and given a link on how individuals can open Pinterest accounts. It is vital to note that education has been able to much the current technological world. It is also of importance to learn that teachers all over the world can relate and help in improving the education level. The writers of the article use passionate and zealous tone in conveying their message. The text is also educative and descriptive. It also uses various literary techniques. The writer uses imagery when he instructs educators on how to open a Pinterest account by just describing and giving clear directions. The writer also uses intertextuality by referring to other texts in her article, for example, he directs that when educators are looking for early literacy content in Pinterest, she gives them a statement which they should type in the search bar for them get the appropriate result (pg 4). The writer also uses personification in page 3 of the article when he states that Pinterest describes itself as a virtual bookmarking tool. The writer also uses symbolism on page 3 when he refers to Pinterest as a new filing cabinet. She also refers to the online book shelve as a new file folder. Those two comparisons can also be used demonstrate a metaphor.

Works Cited

Rachel Huber, Celeste c.Bates. “Are you ( p) interested in the 21st-century teaching and learning.” (n.d.): 1-6. Journal.




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