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Are corporations moral agents? Do they have moral responsibilities? What do you think companies should do to make themselves more moral organizations?

In my opinion, corporations can be considered moral agents. Any corporation is constructed with people and with a lot of their hard work. Although corporations are not considered humans or any form of living identity, they are comprised of humans. The moral values and decisions of people are linked with their corporations.

People who are working in corporations have moral responsibilities that create a whole moral working culture within the corporations. The rules of ethics are always applied in corporations as every employee has certain moral responsibilities during their work. Moral policies and ethics are comprised of moral values, and whenever a person fails to act upon these values, the whole reputation of the corporation is damaged. So, corporations do have moral responsibilities due to their people.

Organizations or corporations that need to maintain their repute in the national or international markets should consider the fact to maintain their ethics and moral values. Organizations could make themselves more moral by adding several moral policies and acting upon several moral considerations within their organizations. The organizational culture should always be ethical and professional in a way that promotes motivation and encourages the staff members positively. Organizations should have a derived pattern of moral values, and the staff should be well aware of what is acceptable and what behavior is not acceptable within the organization. The difference between right and wrong, acceptable and not acceptable, and the fact that which culture is followed by the organization are some important factors in this regard. If any company has diversified staff, then it should try to add different cultural and ethical values that include the cultures of different diversified people.

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