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Appeal Letter For Admission

I am writing this appeal letter on behalf of my daughter, who applied to your institution but unfortunately got a rejection letter. I will not go on a tirade against the institution, nor will I state that you have made a mistake because, quite honestly, it strains credulity that a high-esteem institute like yours will choose average students over talented ones. But I will give my daughter and me one more chance to convince you that she deserves to get a place in the institute.

My daughter and I shared this collective dream of seeing her get admitted to one of the best hi-tech institutions. She had put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to get herself into a position to fight for this place. She is a tenacious and determined student; if she does not understand any subject or topic, she will spend hours acquiring knowledge and assimilating concepts. She does have a habit of cramming her subjects but instead prefers to get the concepts. The cramming will only make you pass a test, but a concept can take you a long way forward. She has always been a consistent student and never got below-par or substandard grades. One quality that I especially admire about her is that she does not compare herself with others; instead, she compares herself with the person she was yesterday and continuously tries to grow as a person day in and day out. Apart from academics, she takes her extracurricular activities very seriously. Her particular interest is in softball. She has also been a member of the student yearbook council.

There are some things in life that you have no control over, and for my daughter and me, this is such a situation. I leave it to God and fate and to you guys to decide whether my daughter deserves a chance in your institute or not. All we can do is hope.



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