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Antibiotic Resistance Summary – PBS

“Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria” is an investigative documentary that throws light on fatal bacteria that has become drug resistant. The said movie or documentary is a narrative regarding the quickly spreading of threat in communities and multiple societies worldwide. In this context, the reporter David E. Hoffman reports about the massive increase in this infection that has become untreatable. The reporter demonstrates different stories of patients having different age and place of infection. For example, one story relates to a young girl admitted in Arizona Hospital, another American infected in India, and a story from Houston hospitals regarding discovery of fatal superbug. The notion of movie states that the antibiotics are mainly fed to livestock. It should not be happened so, but agricultural and pharmaceutical mafias have desire of immense profit instead of public health.

Meanwhile, the movie also elaborates an unbeatable outbreak of bacteria in a renowned hospital in America. In that specific hospital, eighteen patients got infection, and six patients have been died. These are the circumstances when government officials along with hospital administration claim that intense care and efforts have been done to control the situation. Historical perspective of the infection reveals that about two million people get infected every year, and twenty three thousand died of drug resistant bacteria. The most real picture is the fact that situation is fueled by overuse of antibiotics for decades and major drug companies are directly responsible for this national crisis. Only government funded researches can’t beat this crisis so private corporations have to think something else instead of gathering huge profits.

However, the efficient governments have to ban such massive development of antibiotics instead of fulfilling the expectations of Wall Street. Hence without proper plan of action, only miracles can end the fatal reign of antibiotics. Moreover, some predictions claim that by 2050 these antibiotic-resistant infection agents can kill humans far more range than cancer. In other words, these antibiotic resistant bacterial infections are more fatal than that of cancer.

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