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Anti-Discrimination Laws

Each business tries to attract as well as hiring the right individuals for the job seeking. However, many managers and hiring department should be highly equipped to avoid violation of discriminatory ant laws doing the process of hiring the individual. The anti-discrimination regulations state that all the individuals must be treated equally and command that in employing people they should be treated on a similar premise without discrimination of sex, race, age, ethnicity among others.

Job Advertisement

Job Description: Assistant Engineer

An assistant Engineer is a professional who carries out his work under the senior engineers and performs duties according to the directions given by the senior engineers. In engineering, there are diverse fields like civil, mechanical IT among others. Assistant engineer reinforces the building projects through the adjustments and implementations of engineering systems by performing examinations as well as planning reports and estimations.

Assistant engineer is a vital profession in any team, and that is why I do not need any other kind of business to fill the position but rather a qualified assistant Engineer. The Assistant Engineer I need to fill the position will play a very critical role in the daily engineering projects as well as leaning to adapt engineering principles and techniques to various technological fields in the engineering sector. You will conduct many diagnostic tests as well as inspections of the ongoing hardware as well as software projects as well as work with the senior engineers to analyze the available data so to prepare a comprehensive report for the company. You will work concerning the branch of specialization in the mechanical sales as well as civil works. At this position of an assistant engineer, you are in full-time position. Your work will be working with the help of senior engineers in preparing estimates and plans for the construction projects as well as supervising them (Ericson, 2015).

Job Duties Description

Assistant Engineer determines the issue n ground by gathering information and data either through surveys or planning drawings. In the manufacturing or mechanical sector, you will be involved in testing, designing as well as implementing prototypes before the user uses to make sure it complies with the required standards. Set engineering equipment and tools to be able to carry out laboratory experiments effectively.

Through regular assurance testing, the Assistant engineer will be in a position to maintain and improve the quality required and the standard that needs to be met. As an assistant engineer, there are various reports that need to get presented with the collected data and available trends. Al workers in the engineering sector are supposed to comply with regulations and codes to comply with the requirements by preparing permits, plans, and compliance with the reports from the collected data. Deciding the designing prerequisites by being involved in direct investigations as well as diagnostic tests is a most crucial aspect of engineering role. Integrating information and dissecting, keeping control outlines as well as deciding main sources. Through excellent organizational as well as communication skills enables the assistant engineer to handle administrative duties (Jenkins, 1989.

Minimum qualifications

Practices and principles of civil engineering

Be able to handle computer-related applications and works for instance, computer concepts and applications.

Ability to be able to perform functions of civil engineering in a municipal environment

To be able to understand all the aspects of the job, in analyzing paper works and reports to identify and interpret numerical and technical information to be able to solve problems operationally and technically. Perform fields’ inspections, and inspection administers contracts, in recognizing the scope of authority. Utilize safety procedures and practices as a way of assigning duties and rules, be able to communicate effectively and efficiently so to carry all the organizational and administrative functions. Have the abilities to provide solutions to related engineering problems.

There are ten standard illegal questions in the interview

  • Are you married?
  • Do you have kids?
  • What is your religion?
  • What is your nationality?
  • What is your sexual preference?
  • Do you have any health-related problems or any disability?

These questions are related to class as well as personal life, and they discriminate the employment laws. By asking this kind of problem, it suggests that the employer might want to relate the employee information with the job. However, it is not only unlawful but the strictest sense of words to be used to have so much potential to make the company liable for any discrimination be it sex, race or ethnicity. This kind of interview which relies on asking the question that is related to the personal lives of the individual may lead to the most uncomfortable meeting. When employers during interview tend to ask the religious issue is illegal since type employer should not rely on religious belief when hiring an employee (Quillian, 2016).

  • Legal job interview questions
  • What do you like most about the world of engineering?
  • Tell me about a time you deviate a policy?
  • What are your working skills?
  • What do you value most about our culture and vision?
  • How do you deal with an unethical issue?
  • What questions would you ask me if you were the interviewer?
  • What trends will shape the Manufacturing department over the next five years?
  • The painful experience you had in your previous working environment?
  • Describe an ideal workplace that you prefer?
  • Allows you to describe you in person and how to carry out the task successfully?
  • As an Assistant Engineer, how will you drive the results?

However, this is very important since it will give you an opportunity to describe the result the company is looking forward to achieving from you.


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