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Ancient Men and Modern Myths Essay

In Greek, he is known as most influential of all mortals and has more strength compared to other gods. Greek people believe he assists Olympians in overcoming the giants and Zeus mortal son last in his line, a man given birth by a human woman to arise an as a god upon his death. During hot sun he takes his bow and arrow to shoot the sun in the sky showing lack of wisdom and intelligence. A hero or a god is supposed to be a wise person to people on the right path. Shooting the sun with an arrow shows lack of knowledge as the sun as no one can reach the sky. His friends and cousin Theseus rule Athens, and Heracles always gets in trouble due to emotions which are strong. A leader is supposed to keep his feelings in check. If the person who is a god or a hero does not control his temper, the people who respect him will lose faith in his heroism. When people in the community quarrel he should help them to settle their disputes. A hero is a role model to people in that community that means if he is always angry the people around him are still going to be angry. Heracles pride is high and easily offended while he has an extraordinary mind and unforgiving heart which makes him keep grudges. To forgive and forget is essential to a person mental health. A hero who can’t forgive wrongs done to him cannot be a mediator when disputes arise. For a hero to stay with people, he has to equip himself with ways in which he can forget evil things, as people will keep on doing a word against his wish. A hero is required to humble himself. People despise a leader full of himself, and their tongue only speaks curses upon him. Pride does not take a person far but bring downfall upon him. Heracles loves wine and women in a way that is equal to his strength, and high deeds occurred while doing penance for stupid acts when he is angry and careless. (Aulaire,Ingri and Edgar, 2017)[1]

Wine and women make a hero lose a sense of himself. A leader who is immoral is a bad example to people especially small children who aspire to follow his footprints. Drinking makes a person lose the ability to think straight, thus making many mistakes. Great love for women makes many men lose their path of being a leader and a god to the people. A significant number of Greek comedies showed his character as a muscle-bound Buffon. People of Greek views him as a violent man who is brutal and primitive because he chooses massive club as his weapon, lion skin as a customary garment inclusive of its head attached. Heracles threatened Apollo priestess in Delhi when his answer is not forthcoming. Whatever a person demands and wish for at times does not come to pass. A hero should be a patient person and not a violent person. Problems experience he mostly brings them upon himself. Heracles sacrifices for his friends when they have questions or in trouble (Symonds and John, 2015)[2]. He carries himself to trial when he cools down out of action he did in anger state. People did not force a punishment on his he gladly takes it with courage, patience, and endurance which shows he is a strong man. When terrible thing happen that is not his fault, he overcomes them. Romans respects and values him as the hero that befits their community. In early days Heracles is viewed as a wrong person, but with time people come to love and adore him. Some people in Greek worship him as a god.

Comparative analysis

A myth is a belief of a particular community about something, for example, the Greeks notion of a god known as Heracles. Art is a way people express their imagination through paintings or sculpture. Literature and myth have a relation as people show their belief through the creation of painting and sculpture. In communities of Hindu, they have a statue of gods and goddess that they believe represent Ishvara. They make paintings and sculpture that they display on the walls of the Temple. The Hindu community worship these gods and belief protection and good luck will come from them. This belief has been for centuries, and even today they still worship Ishvara. The Hindus also make these sculpture representing their god and goddess in their homes to guide and give them protection.

Literature refers to items that have been published like novels, play and poetry and myth are mostly distributed in books so as the generation to come can read. Without literature communities, belief will be lost is vital for upcoming production to understand the origin and expectations of their ancestors. History defines where people and a country stand for a particular time. If myth is not recorded in books, an idea of firecrackers blows in the New Year eve to spook away evil spirits that Chinese value very much might be lost forever. Books last for centuries compared to a lifespan of a human being. It’s important to keep records of community’s belief as the future generation will read.

Pop culture is a short form word for popular culture, gives details of young people taste and the way they live, and it changes with time. Customs and practice of people vary with time, and so are their belief in things around them. As time passed and the new generation emerges the way they perceive things change. Their myth or belief changes with time as they believe they are in a late century and the past ideas are for old people. Philosophy is the understanding of nature theories, thoughts or knowledge while myth is initially thought or opinion of something that a community comes to believe. A belief in a city is influenced by a person, for example, a priest who they trust. Theories are not proven to be true, and neither does myth. (Binford and Lewis, 2014)[3]

Video games are created to entertain a person, but in the more in-depth view, the person who creates them imitates something. A person who creates video games, for example, a video game showing Heracles fighting on the battlefield shows communities believe that Heracles is a warrior. The person who is playing the game, perform to demonstrate how a hero conquered his enemies. Animation (anime) are films with the character that is not real but drawn images like cartoons. Films are used to pass a myth or a belief to people, especially to small children to understand a community culture.

Comics is a type of entertainment that make people laugh. Comics are sourced mainly from novels which contain myths from different communities. Feminism refers to equal powers and rights of women to men. People in different cities have different view of a place of a woman in society, and the way they believe originates from community history. Queer theory refers to a study of gender for example sexualism; communities have different view on the sexuality of women. People practice passion that they believe goes along with tradition behavior. Performance studies refer to concerts and theatrical events. In Japan every year they hold an events known as women day or Obi, where women at 20’s tie a belt around the stomach. The Japanese believe this belt protects a pregnant woman; this belief passes on to generations

A myth is an integral part of every community and should be respected. Everything that people do or the way the life is related to a specific belief. Books and films are necessary as the safeguard our culture and make sure it is not forgotten. Myth shows that people have come from a far place and served as a reminder of our ancestors.


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