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Analysis of Panel Data

The chapter unfolds the mystery behind Beloved’s true character. The writer uses several phrases symbolically, relating the occurrences in the story with the real situations. Morrison describes the level of panic that Denver encounters. The “drowning” experience by Denver represents the several drowning undergone by slaves in the Atlantic Ocean(Hsiao p.430). The rocking and moaning depicted by Beloved demonstrates the experience in holding of the slaves’ ship curled in the darkness with few light through the cracks above it.

The chapter develops some topic that are cultivated in our society. The issue of spiritualism is highlighted in the text. Beloved’s behavior and statements shows that she is perhaps more than a ghost (Hsiao p.435). Denver is convinced and believes that Beloved is a rebirth ghost. From page 435, we are told that Denver and Beloved entered the shed for cider and when the door bunged shut and darkness fell, Denver wept because she feared that Beloved had disappeared. In a moment, Beloved reappears “Like a spoiled, manipulative toddler”. Such behaviors only resembles that of a ghost.

There is an evidence of racism. Because Beloved remained adamant of her origin when asked, Seth says that probably Beloved was locked away by the white male who once abused her. The fact that the white abused her is a clear evidence of racism. A character of friendship is also highlighted. Both Seth and Denver are eager to know the origin of Beloved, but the latter provides insubstantial answers.

From the entire chapter it is true that both Seth and Denver are more overcome by Beloved’s power. And as Morrison reveals, she represents more than the dead child(Hsiao p.432). Beloved also represents the slaves cleared from history. Seth and Denver must therefore, overcome this power to create a better life for themselves in the near future.

Work cited.

Hsiao, Cheng. Analysis of Panel Data. Cambridge university press, 2014.




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