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An Essay on Technology

Technology can be defined as the leverage of science to solve problems. It involves the application of knowledge and skills to produce goods and services. Machines and tools are used to process natural resources into finished products through technology. Technology is a fast changing and shaping how we do things in the society.  Disruptive technology is a word coined to mean a technology that replaces an established technology and shape up and create a new industry (Evans, 2017).

Technology is dynamic because of our changing needs and demands. It is through technological changes that we have moved from the industrial revolution to the information age. Technology had made it possible for industries to operate in a new environment and gain competitive advantage, unlike the industrial age when technology was not that advanced, and it involved the use of high capital expenditure in the production process.

Technology has an impact on culture and human interaction with his environment. Take for example the advent of assistive technology which is used by people with special needs to do some tasks which would be impossible without technology. Assistive technology has been deployed in school to assist children with autism to learn. Technology such as speech recognition has enabled those who cannot type to use the computer for that purpose (Shepley et al., 2017).

The impact of technology on culture is seen in changes in culture from the industrial revolution. The ancient community moves from using simple tools in farming to use machines in agriculture. Use of irrigation to water farming land is another technology that developed to facilitate crop production. In the modern society, technology has been leveraged on during interaction with the environment through space exploration and satellites which help interpret life on earth and other planets.


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