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An Essay on Pollution

One of the major social issues our world is suffering from is being ignored for a long time. We are aware yet unaware of how we as humans are impacting our planet. The scientific and technological advancements have undoubtedly reached its peak. We just focus on the positive aspects of what we are inventing and ignore the harmful consequences. There is a need to make better choices in things we eat, materials we use, and how we produce and use energy.

Our population is increasing due to which our natural resources are decreasing and the use of harmful substances have also taken a rise. The fall of natural resources has compelled us to fulfill our needs artificially. We are facing the threat of pollution of all kinds; air pollution, noise pollution, water, and earth pollution. All these types of pollutions are a result of materials we use on a frequent basis, and it is we who are suffering from its adverse effects. We are fully aware of how harmful the use of plastic bags is, but we don’t take a step forward in controlling its use or use something else in place of it. Plastic bags cause damage to the soil as well as water; thus causing pollution. It affects the growth of plants and also causes fish to die. In other words, they are causing a threat to our natural resources.

One more major issue we are facing is the depletion of the ozone layer which is the result of this pollution. The depletion of ozone layer is the result of the harmful and disastrous climatic changes. Acid rain is one of the many examples of such climate change. The sprays, perfumes, etc. are the main causes of ozone depletion. The vehicles we use emit poisonous gases which affect our respiratory system as well as pollute the environment. They are also a cause of burning of eyes etc.

Thus, in order to keep the environment clean and better for the coming generations, there is an urgent need to ponder upon how we can eliminate or at least lemmatize the use of products which are harmful to our environment.

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