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An Acute Environmental Crisis Globally Essay


In early time a human was focused to developed with time from old ages they converted their buildings from clay to marble, later on, there was control our resources with the technology they started using them. With period the industrial revolution rose which give a new concept for the development of the world and shifted from arm powers into the economic race. The countries were focusing more on productivity than the territoriality and opening gate for free trades, but it does not have a good impact later own because they tried to form their colonies there and make them under their rule.

While with time we saw there were different development cycles were shared by different scholars, and people living styles became change and worldwide now we are living was the imaginary dream for the people living in the 19th century. It is true we are developing, and we have excelled in many things and developing day by day. But we forgot something thing with that we all interact, and it is surrounding our nature. The nature of where we belong, and we interact with it. From atmosphere we have oxygen, and our respiration is destabilized due to it, and we are getting some intangible benefits, but we ignored while some historical working is showing effects now with time while the world is getting worse with time.


It is surrounding where to enjoy our life using resources obtaining from it some are tangible, and some are intangible because there are different things without which we cannot live. For example, if there is an imbalance of gases in the atmosphere ultimately we would die or will face severe health issues and still, we are in it. If we define environment lutein literal definition we can say it as The surrounding in which we are living, even in different philosophical views human are also environment and nature behaves how we behave and we can consider it true because of the scenario in front of us. It clarifies that world is full of crisis in this term and they are in rising day by day (Rudy et al.,2015)

There is no lie that scientists and human those understand the surrounding feeling bad about the environment and their concerns with their regards are really true because if there will not be an environment how we are going to live in the environment. When there will be no water and necessities to live. Here are some concerning issues which are not only for one country but affecting the world public and animals too. All are suffering from it in really much manner. We will discuss each of them as follows:


Pollution is concerning in which right now we are facing noise, air, and soil pollution. It is the most severe issue because we are unable to balance the things, as the use of technology and race of economic ruin the surroundings in which pollution is the serious thing for which many of the worlds is a concern, and from its all types all are getting affected in this earth. Industry, fuel vehicles and are on the top for polluting the environment and surrounding. Industry makes land filthy because of their solid waste as they do not have a proper decomposing process with them. Although there is the concern excretion of carbon dioxide is also from industries, and they are like the damaging atmosphere and played a major role in ozone depletion (Salim et al.,2014).

The water pollution is one of the concern because our life is attached to it and we all cannot live without the water. Now industries excrete their chemical mix water in streams and channels which goes into the sea and affect the life underwater in which fishes are major, and we also eat them. Also, there are many people like in the case of Manchar lake in Pakistan community lives in between water and they usually don’t have homes even they live inside the water and have boat houses in which families are living and unique school set up in between lake. They use to be happy people, but now their fishing is finished because water got much polluted and there is the least survival of fisheries which cannot fulfill the demand of the market.

If we see it in another perspective, we can use analyzer that the economic effect is also rising which is a concern, and we are making industries to develop the economy, but it raises the question here. Without environment where will be no chance of survival can economy highlight us the developed country. Also, the oil spills are concerning for the water because they are polluting water badly and they effected the same way fishing community around the world as in case of Manchar Lake which is one of the world biggest lake. Soil pollution is effecting human health because we live and walk on land and have more interaction even it is depriving capacity for agriculture growth for upcoming future. While now we can say many countries are using the genetic engineering technique for production of food.

The pollution is main concern because it has affected about 70%  of the world right now and it is increasing health issues, and mostly the object getting affected from it is not only human, but the animals are too even nonliving things which are tangible or intangible. Pollution is becoming a concern with time while still, we can see government are just working on a paper and have not regulated any good strategy besides some welfare states like Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway.


The movement of people from another side of the country into the rural areas this movement started after the industrial revolution because people want to have less work and more pay. Still, move from there due to the need for sustainable income because this is nowadays a source of living while forgot the worth of free services of the environment. We can see enlarge force coming up from urban with family or alone to settle in the cities which is extremely making it populated, and it is affecting the environment regarding pollution. In developing countries, they try to develop slums and the increase in slums depriving of time the life sustainability. There is an issue of sharing the resource with them and cause the shortage of water. Also, they are not under any municipal rule, and they do not put any attention towards it because they are illegal settlement while they cannot remove them because of political and social reasons.

While these shanty towns are responsible for the production of the solid waste and for which it is getting the significant burden. A country like India with big slums has some solid waste disposing of, and they do not have a proper way to recycle them which creates health issues with time because they dispose it off in a plan area from where different bacteria’s are generated which mix up in the air. It creates the issues like breathing, asthma, heart diseases, etc. which can make it severe while all over it is also cause of air crashes mostly people find a plain area near airports and there are different birds gets in the air for their food collection. Sometimes they stuck with the plan and can cause a severe accident, and we had seen such issues recently happen with British airline in India when the crows got stuck in the engine while pilot saves the passenger and tackle the serious situation (Uniyal et al.,2016).


Deforestation is one of the issues which is a cause of imbalance gases production in the environment because there nothing is nothing more precious on this planet than this tree. With the rapid development of cities we have forgotten the actual source, and for luxuries, we cut the trees, and still, we are going for it and having the cases in number where we are unable to sustain issue regarding it. Forest are a source of environmental sustainability and temperature control there is a balance of gases taken up on the different time by them, and they have a wild life for the ecological balance of life.

Here we also found that the trees are also a source of oxygen and they mainly keep environment refreshing. Like if we ever go to the green and hilly area we also feel the inhaling relaxation and goodness in our body and feel healthy, we can walk more. We don’t feel tired it is the effect of fresh air which we usually unable to find in the cities because the trees vanish from the surface. You can say where now you cannot find any tree some genetic growing is there, and some people cut original trees and put artificial in there to look good that is the behavior from human towards nature (Samii et al.,2014).

The consumption of the wooden accessories and the wooden things are mainly in use like furniture mostly, and it is leisure we use to have it even if it is costly we try to take it and we just have reason to look luxurious. But these consumption patterns which have ultimately effect on the environment. The animals or we can say many of the animals are now just on history pages because of our behavior towards them, and ecological balance is not sustained in there. There is an eco cycle for which one species dependent on the other stabilizing the growth of each. While now many of the animals getting rare and might cant be seen by our upcoming generation because we have killed them with our own hands. We are still in this race of trophy hunts and the animal hunting while we are left with a nominal number of them.

 Climate change

It can be said as the reason of environmental change because this factor is influencing environment day by day as we have seen now our seasonal changes, the fall of glaciers in Antarctica and increase in drought of land. Now it is worldwide affecting a thing, and it is become on the global agenda to cope up with it. But we can see the world is concern about this because there are changes which are not only affecting human life but nature as agriculture nature is changing with time, and that is causing a severe shortage of food for the world (Nelson et al.,2014). Also, there could be rise nearly in sea and river levels which will cause hazards or even changes into a disaster.


We all are well aware of these concern, but still, we have not shown any responsible behavior towards it, to save our self from the effects of this disastrous situation in the future we have to think of the right, and possible way t restore the environment and create a reduction in issues. We cannot eliminate it in the minute because they are intervening for many time and will take much time to go out of our life.

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