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Engagement in youth affairs and activism can lead to significant social changes which are at times left behind. It merely tells that one does not have to necessarily wait to be an adult for them to take part in communal affairs actively. Their opinion also matters and are of significant thus need to be heard.

The affair of America’s Youth is a concern to the federal government since this is a youth matter. The federal government has a responsibility of guiding and safeguarding youths which directly ties the authorities to the issue. Through youth activism, the young people in the society can know their rights. Despite being less of age to vote, youths are entitled to both national and international rights. The rights are only essential if the teenagers get to know of them (Lerner).

The teens are also able to gather information on local issues. These concerns range from personal matters to public problems. Through youth affairs and activism, the children can speak out their minds. This is mostly through online tools, more specifically the social media. However, this can also be done offline at places such as local meetings and gatherings as they help youths in asserting themselves and their interests. Through youth engagement and activism, America’s youth can network. There are numerous inspiring youths across the globe. Through activism and involvement in youth affairs, one can reach out to them. The children can learn about the efforts by other kids as well as their initiatives which can spark an idea or be of assistance (Lerner).

This site is an exemplary useful tool for learning more about American politics.  Their updates and articles are deeply researched and very informative. Their information is timely and direct to the point. This is a site that one can recommend to any person with a desire to know more about the American politics.

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Lerner, Richard M. Liberty: Thriving and civic engagement among America’s youth. Sage Publications, 2004.



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