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Amazon buying Whole Foods and strategy to reduce prices to increase sales & market share

Amazon started as a premise offering low quality products. It is accrued that the ‘whole foods’ were the only product that the organization delivered as a significant higher price. Due to the notion that that quality of the meals is incomparable with other products, it was necessary to have a price that is higher. However, the company has lowered its price hoping to have access to more customers. On the other hand, customers tend to attribute the lowering of prices with low quality. Amazon must ensure customers do not loose trust with the whole foods.

  1. Social Media and its impact on US Business.

The evolution of information communication technology has transformed the way individuals communicate and transact. For instance, with the development of internet enabled mobile devices, individuals are able to make transactions from distance places. The rise of the advanced devices has led to the boom of numerous social media site. Regardless of the advantages a business might experience from campaigning through the social media platforms, it is a place where the name of a business is at the risk of being tarnished by anyone. The United States entrepreneurs have learnt to make good use of the social media through initiating incites, offering targeted products, stimulating demand and other beneficial activities.

  1. The 2016 US Presidential Elections and the impact on Management Issues and Corporations

There are a number of points to consider with the 2016 presidential elections in the United. First is the health policies of the each of the candidates seem to have. The human resource management might be forced to make unnecessary changes which might affect the way health insurance if offered. Trump is expected to halt major businesses in the states. The human resource management is left without the necessary tools to enable it continue with the employer heath benefits. The fact that Clinton might would enact the Paycheck Fairness Act, this would require all management to re vise their packages (compensation).

  1. Status of the Trump Presidency

Since the United States president was inaugurated in office in 2017, there are a variety of progresses that can be noted. Major achievements by the president include the withdrawal of America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The president has also issued an order that bar the entry of citizens from certain countries in the United States. There are however notable failure by the US president such as the failure of the Affordable Care Act. The bill is reported to have failed in the senate in December, 2017. Trump is an inspiration to women, however the empowerment as claimed to be accidental.

  1. CYBER ATTACKS on Governments, Businesses, Individuals, Banks, and the US Political System

The WannaCry cyber attack is one the notable attacks that affected a huge number of businesses including public offices. The attacks are believed to affect the most businesses that had not applied the released antimalware software by Microsoft (MS17-010). Other cyber attacks aimed at government and individuals businesses include the Macron Company Hack; the government of the United States is however putting in measures that are aimed to eliminate possible future attacks. With the application service such as the federal cyber chief initiated by the United States president Obama. It is reported that none of the cyber attacks managed to hit the fifth level of the grading system.

  1. Off-Shoring and Out-Sourcing US Jobs to Foreign Countries.

The concept of the American government outsourcing jobs from the neighboring countries has faced critics from various organizations. The industries that are affected by the outsourcing issue include the call centers, technology related companies, the humans resource, and the manufacturing firms. The activity has adverse effects to the economy of the United States. First, outsourcing raises the level of unemployment among the United States citizens. Companies might end up moving their operations overseas. The cure to the problems would be making sure that the united state citizens have the required skills to work on the outsourced projects.

  1. Minimum Wage and Low Paid Workers.

Women are among the least paid workers in the United States. It is the responsibility of the government and social partners to make sure there is equality. Also, they should make sure that the effects of prices on the various elements such as household, investment, consumption, and demand are also monitored. There is hope for individuals with low earning after the new national minimum wage. Individuals earning $694.90 weekly have an increment of $22.20. The rise continues in a relatively well laid scale, the $3.3 percent increase is also part of government plan to introduce equality.

  1. Diversity in the US Jobs Work Force.

There is disparity on how individuals have access to jobs in the federal government. The minority group continues to have minimal participant in the civilian work. The Hispanics are significantly underrepresented due to their small number. It is undeniable that the minority groups face challenges while trying to gain access to the federal jobs. The government should ensure there is equality among the workforce and also in terms of the civil rights executives’ employment. The best way that the underrepresented groups can have access to jobs is have well structured document, have friends to provide connections pertaining to new vacancies.

  1. Gay Marriage/Partners Impact on Health Insurance, Life Insurance, & other Benefits; also jobs.

The problems with marriage between the same genders have implications such as the individual to take the insurance cost, and the healthcare cost. There is low coverage from the employment firms for the heterosexual couples. The effect result into a decline in the number of insured individuals. The exclusion of the parties (gay men and women) from the civil marriage act as a route to unequal access of the healthcare services (coverage). There exists the probable event where the cost of healthcare is pushed to both the public and these individuals.

  1. Sexual Harassment Scandals at FOX Cable News and at other firms

Bill O’Reilly’s case is among the famous presented cases by the Fox News. The individual is reported to have placed $32 million to settle the sexual harassment allegations. O’Reilly is said to send gay and other venereal explicit contents to the news analyst Lis Wiehl. Regardless of the individual settling the claims, the news company ended up renewing the contract.

  1. Income Gap World Wide

The level of income inequality globally has continued to have changes with time. For the last two centuries, the global income inequality reports show that the income increased but the number is now falling. However, the inequality globally is still at a higher level which is expected to remain high. One of the reasons behind this is the diverse income distribution between countries. Nations should work to minimize individual inequality of income through maximizing job opportunities.



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