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Ageism in the United States

The American nation has an increasing number of old people living in the country. There were times when people were scared of getting old. They were afraid of gray hair and weak body. But now a huge population is living above the age of eighty-five. This could be taken as an achievement, a challenge or a threat. People feel like it’s better to live a healthy life that being old and weak at the age of ninth. Some people who are in their nineties believe that they have lived a good life but being in this age is like taking an extra burden of expenses. One has to pay medical bills for more diseases they are likely to suffer. Thus being old comes with the extra burden of paying medical charges. People live longer than before due to improved health and medical care. Medicines, transplant surgeries, and other treatments have allowed people to live a longer life than before. But having an aging population means that government has to spend more on healthcare and individuals too to maintain their health. Aging population comes with increased challenges for individuals and the state itself (Richtman, 2006).

Doctors and physicians have treatments and medication to cure several acute diseases. There were times when people used to die of pneumonia, typhoid, and other such diseases. But, medical sciences have made enough contribution to provide safe and cheap treatment from such diseases. Now people die of hypertension, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. Nobody understands what would be the pains of a person who is made to live longer. Surgeries, intense medications hamper eating abilities, walking ability and might be related to other disorders. Thus it’s painful to make somebody live a longer life. The hardest part of being old is about missing those that have left us. People live in nursing homes and are at the mercy of caretakers. It’s hard to live a long life for those who are living it (NAVASKY & O’CONNOR, 2006).


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