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Affordable Housing Essay


Affordable housing is a term used to refer such housing units in urban regions which are affordable by certain group of society where an average income of the person is less than the median household income. The schemes provide houses to the poor person in lower prices which is a primary benefit, however their remote locations lead to the under-utilization of this state-offered facility.

Affordable Housing

Despite that different nations explain and elaborate the affordable housing differently but broadly it has an identical concept of addressing the housing and shelter needs of the middle or lower income family unit. The developing countries are facing the issue of affordable housing as a significant concern to their economies. It is because of a majority of people in their population who are unable to afford to purchase the houses at the prevailing market prices.

The affordability completely depends on a primary factor of disposable income of the people. As a result, the responsibility of catering the increasing demand of affordable housing entirely lies on the government. Therefore, governments tend to take several steps in order to meet this rising demand in collaboration with developers and putting heed on the Private-Public Partnerships (PPP) for an appropriate expansion of such units. While some housing units are available through complete sales, however others are sold via a lottery process which is carried out by the government owned affordable housing schemes. There are several parameters which contribute towards the eventual price of the housing unit like the city’s function, location, type of project and the technology used in the construction.

Advantages of the Affordable Housing

There is a massive demand of affordable housing in almost every country owing to the presence of low income families in the social hierarchy therefore this scheme is utterly helpful in catering this demand. Large corporate associations and construction groups are keen to work on these state owned projects. Hence a timely construction and delivery of the housing units are more realistic as compared to other private projects where time commitments are not usually met. It further benefits the buyers who do not have to wait for indefinite periods to attain their eventual products.

These affordable housing schemes do not only help the low income earners but senior citizens and disable individuals can also apply and avail the advantage of low cost houses. If the affordable housing is not present then a disadvantaged individuals can end up being homeless. The safety measures and building codes are appropriately taken into consideration since the schemes are under the government controls which make sure that the best quality material and personnel are attending the project.

Disadvantages of the Affordable Housing

Besides all the advantages, the affordable housing schemes have some serious shortcomings and challenges to face. These projects are usually located in the far off and remote regions which are not the central urban areas, usually in the outskirts of the city. The development firms acquire vast land at cheaper prices in these areas and besides, these regions usually lack the fundamental social infrastructure. Therefore, the absorption levels of these projects can be underutilized despite its accelerated demand.

The buyers mostly prefer the central locations for living rather than the nearby vicinity even though they are to compromise over the flat’s size. The isolation of the affordable housing projects’ neighborhood and localities from the central communities may lead to a creation of hostile environments. It separates the inhabitants of housing schemes from other localities which results in the inflation of negative influences on the inhabitants.


The affordable housing projects are a helpful facility offered by the governments of several nations which aim at providing houses to all the low-income population. The schemes counter all the housing demand generated by the underprivileged people in the economy but people has to compromise on amenities and distance in order to avail the benefit of lower prices of houses.



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