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Adolescence Stage Of Human Development

Adolescence is mostly considered a very rebellious, confused as well as problematic time. However, despite all these problems that adolescents face, some individuals successfully navigate the changes that are usually associated with the adolescent stage. According to the research carried out, it is true that a lot of changes in human development take place during adolescence. However, this does not always mean that this time is an unpleasant time of human life. Being a teenager in today’s world can be a difficult time. It is all about friendship and trying to fit into the circle.

However, during this stage of human development, bullying is a problem that can have a significant impact on the teenager’s life. Students in schools who do not have friends should try to fit in or try to find one since this will reduce depression and stress among them. Bullying is a significant issue in schools and can be stated as a factor of fitting in. Mostly, if one asks high school students about bullying, one can essay they either bullied or they have bullied someone at some point. Harassment is termed to be of two main parts: physical as well as psychological bullying. Both types of bullying are terrible, but the worst one is psychological since it pushes an individual to the edge of having suicidal thoughts.

Adolescence has trouble getting through the day in a bullying environment where they face bullying from their schoolmates or classmates. Just like every other conflict in the world, an individual must start it, and whether it comes from the peer or the peer cruelty does not matter. All the people in an institution become guilty when it comes to bullying matters. What makes this matter grow time and again is that the people who bully others go unpunished. Mostly, bullying issues do not have consequences. Often, it is started by one individual, but its prolonging and continuation is a result of a lack of proper ways of punishing the doers, hence encouraging more of these actions.

Just like fire to a match, bullying starts with one individual, but its growth and reactions grow so fast. When trying to stop this act of peer cruelty towards others, we should not focus on who started, but we should handle all the participants and hold them accountable for any evil actions. There are some ways in which the bullying act can be stopped, mostly by adults and parenting stepping in. More so, direct punishment for the peer involved may reduce the number of bullying cases. The community and other law enforcement personnel have a more significant role in stopping bullying and creating a safer space where young individuals can grow and flourish. When the security department learns what harassment means and what it involves, they may understand the effects of bullying and the intolerant ways of punishing individuals involved.

Watching Bully has helped me understand better what I have learned in class about adolescence as a stage in human development, as well as the effects of bullying. Most of the individuals who bully others or who practice peer cruelty are at higher risk of being involved in criminal cases later in their lives. They may experience antisocial behaviours, including intimidating partners and being violent. Bullying has been accepted as part of social life, and there are many individuals who believe that every child during the teenage stage must get bullied. Schools should not tolerate harassment, and the school administration and officials must punish those involved in bullying. The film has contradicted my thinking on adolescence as any other stage in human development. But I have understood that, indeed, it is an awkward stage that requires parental attention as well as a teacher.



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