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Admission Essay for Computer Engineering

As of its scientific nature, Computer Engineering gives me the ability to create a panorama of the most mundane activities in our universe. I love Denmark, relentlessly exertion to sightsee the parameters of flora by surpassing the anticipations. Being an amateur scientist, passion and drive brought me to Denmark for further studies. Since childhood, my dream has been Computer Engineering, thinking of how I can transform the Universe and leave an everlasting mark just as other scientists have in the past. My resilience and scientific nature are evident in the past when I moved from Albania to the USA 6 years ago just to explore and learn what I need to know in my journey to becoming a scientist. The course of pursuing my dream never really did run smooth but be as it may, this craft has taught me the pride of resilience, punctuality, and loyalty in bringing out the best of me. This is evident being am a low-income student who survives on Pell grant. I anticipate gaining more experience in my course study from the extensive research materials available at your school.

Learning the intricate dynamics amid optics and electromagnetic induction attempting to solve a number of holy grails of astrophysics, and gravitational waves would have made me more pleased. Thus vindicated, the aspiration to perfect my affection for science fetches me to Denmark. Knowing better that Denmark is where my future applies, I am planning to seek everlasting prospects to follow my dream, Computer Engineering Technology. I have always had an interest in working together with the sundry group of students your University enthusiastically accommodates. I am well aware of my personal experience being an American, I have to put in extra effort to adopt the new system I will be introduced to while coming up with an innovative mind within the university in search of knowledge while helping the University experience future success.

I appreciate the effort of your school has been in the past to provide a diversity of services ranging from being a master in creating a niche for the needy students to having a chance besides its growing diversity of ethnic diversity. From the intellectual keenness to enthrall every ounce of wisdom and knowledge through the time, offered at your campus. I know I will contribute much to the University during my time there from the scholarly climate abundant at your own pleasure in your school encouraging the intellect curiosity. In my department, I will dedicate my time to whatever brought me to Denmark and I feel for the one semester I have been accepted, I will gain the maximum out of the time I will spend in your school. This is the major go through in my life and I promise to use it wisely towards my academic excellence. Mesmerized by fads just like my homework with the First Robotics group, I believe your school would be the best ever place to continue maturing my passion in this evolving arena where technological advancement is limitless.

I am pleased by the positive feedback I received from my first application; my decision to come to apply in your University is one of the greatest ones I have ever made in my life. The vast experience I will be getting from your campus is totally going to be a revelation to me, It will be one of the most exhilarating parts of my Curriculum Vitae. I chose Denmark not only because of its beauty but as well of the diversity of culture, knowledge, and powerful research materials in the field of Computer Engineering Technology. Being good in extra curricula games, I will not only contribute academically but also physically in games. I am positive that my stay on your campus will be the greatest blessing of all time thank



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