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Ad buster Essay

Ad busters are refuting the absolute vodka, which they claim is a fake and is not what they claim to be. According to ad busters, absolute vodka could cause deaths due to increased fatal road accidents caused by drunkards. Absolute vodka is being consumed by underages, who become addicts at the young age and may bring mayhems and later become morons. Further the ad busters claim that absolute vodka promotes desire but takes away performance, this could lead to impotence. A hangover caused by consumption of Absolut vodka could lead to loss of jobs due to job lateness and non-performance at work. Therefore, ad busters claim that all the above, are the negative impact of the Absolut vodka and should not be consumed by anyone.

However, the Absolut vodka ads want the potential consumers to believe that the product; will bring out the best in them; will bring more fun, more power, self-reflection. Absolut ads are selling the idea that, if consumed, it will lead to self-control, feel like a real man and appeal even more. More so, they are selling the idea that, absolute vodka is the absolute perfection, the absolute choice for any season and any event such as valentines, holidays. Absolute vodka ads want the customers to believe that it’s the best choice for a drink.

Ad Busters is completely counterarguments of the Absolut vodka ads; it is so because it opposes every ad that the absolute vodka has put up. Ad busters claim that the consumption of absolute vodka could cause mayhem whereas the ads talk about perfection and more fun. Further, it opposes that the vodka could make you feel like a real man by stating that it takes away the performance leading to impotence and makes you a moron. Ad buster is a complete opposite of the Absolut vodka ad.



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