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A Time When I was Helpful

There are various circumstances that bi have found myself being helpful to others. In many of the occasions, there has been a motivating factor behind the behavior (Gazzaniga 2018). One of the events that I was helpful is when I took part in the organizing of a fundraiser for my ailing friend. The behavior portrayed during this time was altruistic (Gazzaniga & Heatherton 2015). This is because I did it from the bottom of my heart. I took all the responsibilities accorded to me wholeheartedly and needed not to be pushed to do them. Also, our friendship was too close, and I could therefore not ignore the need for offering assistance. This was a trying time for my friend as and his family. All they needed was someone to come to their aid to enable them to settle their medical bills. I felt that this was the time to show true friendship. The friend had also been quite involved in my activities before his illness. I recalled that he sacrificed a lot when I had family gatherings and other occasions where I needed assistance. This was my time to pay back for the good that my friend had done for me. Most importantly, I had experienced the pain that people go through when one of the family members is ailing. I had this experience when my brother suffered from a strange disease. I could therefore not imagine leaving my friend and the family helpless. I was consequently helpful to them and portrayed the true bit of my behavior.

Control of violent TV programs

The parents should control the number of violent TV programs that their children watch. This is because the children are at their developing ages. For this reason, they take in what they interact with most of the times. The more the children are exposed to the violent content, the higher the probability that they will turn violent (Volz et al, 2017). The children are also eager to practice what they learn from the TV. In the modern society, the TVs form a significant role model for the small children. It is, therefore, necessary to control what they watch. The future of the children lies in their way of bringing up.


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