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5 US Colleges & Unis for Tech Students

No doubt, technical jobs are some of the most sought-after. They are in demand at all times, despite the automation of production processes. Plus, they are highly paid, and such professionals are always provided with various job offers. Therefore, the reasons for entering this field are plenty.

Basically, study programs at technical universities in the United States are among the most intense and time-consuming. One will get plenty of practical experience. Typically, schools provide learners with internships at different facilities. So, which college to choose to enjoy the educational process and career prospects after it?

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, is a private research institution in Cambridge. It’s a world leader in the field of exact sciences and technologies. That’s why the school traditionally tops the rankings of the best educational institutions.

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The college was founded in 1861 to train engineers and technicians. Given the scientific and technological revolution of that time, there was a strong shortage of such experts. Then, MIT transferred the model of the European Polytechnic Institute to American grounds.

The university offers profound programs in the field of economy, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, and mathematics. The most appreciated ones are:

  • Urban planning;
  • Architecture;
  • Technical systems;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Computational and systems biology;
  • Chemical technologies.

Stanford University

In the heart of Silicon Valley, there’s Stanford University. This school is one of the top 5 tech universities with the largest budget in the US. And considering that the US places a high value on tech education, it’s no surprise. Many of us dream of becoming accepted into Stanford. However, this isn’t easy.

Only 10% of applicants from all received applications are enrolled. Stanford University has seven academic departments. They are business, education, earth, engineering, law, medicine, humanities, and sciences.

The university conducts multidisciplinary research in a wide variety of fields. However, a special emphasis is made on international cooperation and environmental studies.

University students are constantly involved in scientific developments together with teachers. As for future perspectives, graduates are offered internships in the most successful companies. They also participate in scientific conferences and can spend one quarter in Washington to get acquainted with the latest requirements and market trends.

Surely, teachers encourage students to start their own projects, which makes it possible to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. Perhaps that’s why graduates manage to achieve their greatest goals. This way, some have founded such famous companies as Google, Yahoo!, Nike, Cisco Systems, and Sun Microsystems.

University Of California (Berkeley)

Want to study near San Francisco? Think about Berkeley. Founded in 1866, this oldest university in California is famous for its graduates’ discoveries. The list is quite large: 6 chemical elements, the world’s first atomic bomb, laser, and the detection of poliovirus.

Berkeley has 130 faculties, which are combined into schools and colleges. The total number of students is over 36,000 where about 25,000 are in the undergraduate program. Interestingly, the number of Ph.D. graduates each year is greater than in any other American university.

The most prestigious programs are industrial and mechanical engineering, natural sciences, chemistry, bioengineering, and architecture. One of the best reasons to enter the school is the right atmosphere since classes are conducted in small groups, with no more than 30 students.

The database of educational materials here is better than anywhere else. The university libraries are among the largest ones in the United States, with over 10 million volumes of books and 90,000 periodicals.

Plus, athletes will be happy to know that there are 30 men’s and women’s sports teams at the university. Berkeley graduates have won a lot of sports medals in different years. Thus, in this school, you will definitely develop the qualities of a true leader.

University Of Michigan

The University of Michigan opened its doors to students from all over the world in 1817. It traditionally leads the ranking of the best technical universities in the country. But here’s one detail – its tuition cost is more affordable than in other similar schools. The institution trains more than 44,000 students, and about 25% are foreigners.

Initially, this technical university was founded for men only, but the administration policies changed in 1870. Now, it has 17 colleges, and there is complete gender equality. Its most promising faculties include urban planning, engineering, natural resources, and the environment, as well as military science.

First-year students are guaranteed accommodation on campus. There are special services made to help first-year students in resolving any issues.

As for the community, there are about 1,400 clubs and organizations, and this is one of the record numbers among US universities. Therefore, you are sure to make friends with similar interests, whether it’s blockchain, Scandinavian culture, or learning extinct languages.

We can’t help but mention 30 libraries and seven museums on campus. It seems that the very air here is saturated with a craving for knowledge and a focus on self-growth.

Georgia Institute Of Technology

This is a prestigious educational institution with branches in France, Singapore, China, and Ireland. This school is smaller in terms of the number of students. There are 26,000 learners and only 1300 teachers. The Institute of Technology has six colleges related to architecture, management, natural and computer sciences, and engineering. There are also business, economy, and marketing programs.

Perhaps the most important thing you should know about the Georgia Institute of Technology is its impressive scientific activities and research. Students and professors work together on robotics, intelligent machines, neuroengineering, nanotechnology, environmental access systems, and nuclear testing. In class, you will apply innovative skills and learn how to maintain a strong work ethic.

Another cool detail is that compared to other US universities, the largest number of female engineers graduate from here.

To Wrap It Up

Thinking about getting an engineering degree in the USA? Or are you into IT? In our list, we have collected schools worthy of your attention. Besides, we provide insights into how the learning process will look like.

In fact, the United States has a well-established system for training tech professionals and scientists. All the programs are not just theoretical: graduates receive the knowledge that will be in demand in the market. Also, education is perfectly integrated into the economy.

Of course, the more information about the university you get before entering, the better. Try to contact school graduates, and ask them about the pros and cons, the learning atmosphere, and future prospects. Keeping all this in mind, it will be much easier for you to make the right decision.



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