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5 New Fat Burning Exercises Essay

Stubborn fat can be so annoying but here are the latest and effective fat burning exercises for better results.

  1. Hip Hinge

While keeping the back straight and looking ahead you should cross your hands across the chest and hinge forward your hips. While at it you will probably feel tightness in your arm string making it impossible to continue without bending the back. Hence, to go back to the standing position you have to squeeze the cheeks of your butt.

  1. Manmaker

Use a set of dumbbells to perform this exercise. Begin by positioning yourself in a push-up position while holding each dumbbell in each hand. Now, row using one dumbbell then the other dumbbell. You should then stand quickly (clean) and position the dumbbells on the shoulders followed by performing a front squat then finish with an overhead press. Repeat the procedure 10 more times.

  1. Sox squat

Start by squeezing back your shoulder blades at a standing position and stretching out your arms ahead while they are 90 degrees bent. Slowly lower yourself to a squatting or sitting position then slowly stand and stretch out your arms. Repeat this exercise 10 more times.

  1. Skater


Begin by standing straight and shift your body weight to one leg. The other leg’s knee should then be bent to 90 degrees and lifted back off the ground. Now, bend the straight leg’s knee, ankle and the hips while lowering the whole body weight to the floor. You made it! Now reverse the position of the legs and try five more times for each leg.

  1. Breakdance push-ups

Begin in a bridge position where the belly is facing up and the hands and feet support the weight of the whole body. Now, with one foot firmly on the floor, slip to one side and perform a push-up and flip back to the bridge position. Do the same with the other side and repeat the process 5 more times.

30 Days to Melt Your Winter Waistline  

How would you like to burn the holiday fat, melt that winter waistline and slim down without too much strain and a waste of time at the gym?

Here is a 30-day guide to the journey of losing fat without making body, performance and health sacrifices during the summer.

Days 1-10- involves easy but fasted session for burning fat. The exercises should be limited in combination with controlled calorie intake. Each morning take 20-60 minutes to carry out fasted session of fat burning through any easy activity you choose such as cycling, light jogging, hiking and any other you may think of. The intensity of this exercise should be determined by your fat-burning zone which is approximately 45-65 percent of the maximum heart rate. You should stay active for the rest of the period after this session through walking, standing yoga and other physical activities which are light.

Days 11-20- This phase will require that you continue with the fasted sessions for fat burning in the morning but include an afternoon or evening session for calisthenics and body weight workout. This should follow a routine starting with push-ups, squat, pull-up and Lunge variations all for 15-20 times. In between these exercises incorporate the calisthenics for 30-60 seconds. This whole circuit should be 20-40 minutes and you need to do 4 rounds of this circuit.

Days 21-30- The last 10 days you will add the higher intensity cardio intervals (HIIT) to your routine excluding the evening sessions. This will mean that full body weight training exercises can be performed in a circuit with some 2 minutes high-intensity cardio at the end of the session.

What’s the Best Butt Exercise? 

The muscles that group together to form the butt are responsible for major body activities such as sprinting and jumping. Hence, maintaining a stronger butt can ease body movements and relieve lower back pain.

Here are some of the bodyweight exercises to strengthen your butt

Glute Bridge

Start by lying facing up, bending the knees and the feet placed shoulder-width apart. Now, move your hips up while supporting your core and engaging the muscles. Then slowly lower the hips down while trying to resist the move down.

Hip Thrust

Start by lying facing up, bending the knees and the feet placed hip-width apart. The hands should be placed under the shoulders with the fingers facing away from the shoulders. Then, squeeze the muscles while lifting the hips higher and when you reach the table-top position hold for a minute and then lower the hips to the floor.

Bottoms-Up Lunge

Begin by forwarding the left leg and kneel on the other leg’s knee. This is called the knee drive. Now, try to pull the right knee up by pushing the left heel and engaging the butt muscles. Repeat the process as many times as possible.

Side Skaters

You will have to stand with both feet your feet touching while crouching downwards and hips pushed backward. The back should be straight and the abs fully engaged. This is the real action now! Jump as far left as you possibly can while engaging the butt muscles to push off and ensure you land on the left leg. The procedure should be repeated severally.

Can You Eat Too Much Protein After a Workout?  

After a morning, evening or any workout it is natural to want to eat more protein because naturally protein is thought to help in bodybuilding.

However, according to research, excess proteins after an intense or even a light workout is not beneficial but harmful to the body. Research has established that muscle building and recovery only requires less than 20grams of protein after exercising. But any additional or 40 and above grams will lead to increase in the production of ammonia because of the higher rate of protein breakdown. The process of cleaning up and filtering the excess ammonia puts more stress on the kidneys.

More eggs, beef, chicken, fish, handful nuts and seeds, rains rich in amino acids for instance quinoa seem to be fine after a tough workout. They are good but they should not be over ingested into the body as they can be harmful in the long run.

Do You Have a Body Image Disorder? 

Is there a difference between when you are really concerned about your looks and when you are having a body image disorder?

You have body image disorder when;

  • You think of your appearance all the time

Most of your time will be spent thinking about how to appear and while thinking you will feel depressed and stressed out. You are likely to display some compulsive behaviors such as skin picking, mirror checking and touching particular body parts and feel bad about these behaviors afterward. You mostly get anxious because you want to escape from those thoughts haunting you but feel trapped.

  • You are avoiding

    other people

You avoid other because you fear being judged or seen as ugly. You are willing to stay housebound, drop or miss school, give up or lose a job opportunity because of this fear.

  • You are thinking of or are already trying to change how you look by using cosmetic treatments and products.

You spend money on the treatments meant to enhance your appearance. Other instances, one is tempted to take the matter into their hands by performing “surgeries” on themselves. You are also likely to spend more time and effort while showering, brushing your hair, applying makeup, and buying new products and clothes which would enhance your appearance.

You all the time hide particular features of your body appearance

  • You often compare your body to your previous you or to others
  • You often think of suicide
  • You also have other psychological disorders

Showing some of these symptoms does not mean you have a body image disorder. You must visit a therapist to know whether you have the disorder or not.

8-Minute Fat Loss

If your goals are to burn fat, aim for the target body spots and get that great body 8 minutes of exercising is enough. You will only need to begin the Tabata training named after its founder Dr. Izumi Tabata. This training involves intense exercises carried out in four minutes such as sprints, push-ups, cycling among many more.

The Tabata has 2 steps

Step 1- start with a single set of exercises which help in warming up the body while working several muscles altogether. A set of exercises such as thrust jump-squats and the dumbbell-overhead press can be used to achieve step one of the Tabata. The objective of this step is to work many muscles and burn many calories in the four minutes assigned to the step.

Step 2.

Step 2- you should take a break and catch a breath before beginning this step to relieve the muscle pain and get enough air. In this stage, you are to only focus on the trouble area on your body. The Tabata set to be involved are those exercises fit for the trouble area. For example, if you wish to work your stomach you will do mountain climbers and overhead presses for better shoulders.

Incorporating this two sets will not only deal with the problem area but will also get burn excessive body fat to give you a great body. At the same time, all this is happening I just 8 minutes of your time. This is a lot of hard work which eventually pays in 8 minutes.

How to Get Fit While Watching TV  

Do you know that Continuous watching of the television can shorten the lives of persons viewing? Continuous sitting to watch TV causes pressure on the lower back, drop in the metabolism activities and decrease in the enzyme activities. It is, therefore, imperative to do some exercises while watching your favorite TV shows.

Here are 2 workout routines to help in keeping fit while you are watching your favorite TV show.

  1. Exercise sessions on TV

Start by picking one type of exercise for your favorite and lead characters. These exercises should be done while facing the TV and not turn and twist as these actions will make you miss the action. Every time any of the characters appears on screen the exercise assigned to him or her should be performed 10-15 times. For instance, if a TV show has 4 lead characters you have to assign each of the characters an exercise position. Character one represents the bridge position, two-plank, three-side plank and four-crunches.

The exercise which will require facing away from TV should be performed during commercial breaks such as jogging in place and step-ups. You should stretch during the opening and closing periods.

  1. Sporting event

Sporting events on television will give you a good chance to participate and make good of your TV time by exercising along to the activities on set. If there are two teams you plan your time and activities such that when one team is in action you are also in full action and when the other is in action you reduce the action on your side. For instance, in a football match when a team has the ball you increase the treadmill’s speed or cycling speed and reduce when the other team has the ball. Commercials can be used for using setting a moderate pace for the exercise.

Now, prove that it is possible to burn the excess fat while enjoying your favorite show.



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