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5 duties handled by me essay


My senior employer has delegated me five duties to be handled urgently. The following are the tasks that my boss assigned to me. He told me: To meet with our contract supplier to discuss the contract of supplying toilet papers and other cleansing agents that are used in our restrooms. Also to conduct interviews for applicants who applied for the position of a supervisor in the production sector (Market Data Retrieval). To finalize the monthly report. Investigation on the progress of the production of the company and finally to ferry some of the toothbrushes to the office at the headquarters (Mr.Doughety).


In my planning, I would tackle at least four tasks today and the remaining part I will accomplish some other day (Mr.Doughety). Today I will focus on tasks which are more urgent and that need to be addressed with immediate effect. The remaining tasks I plan to tackle some other day (Market Data Retrieval). This is because they are not that much urgent and there would be no harm to the production of the company if they are postponed.


Before I handle any other task, I would first ensure I ferry the ordered toothbrushes to the headquarters (Gerardo’s Business perspectives). We would not like to lose any amount since the toothbrushes were already ordered for and thus a dire need for them to be received. This is the most urgent of all the tasks that I was assigned to do. Secondly, I will finalize the monthly report and hand it over to my boss. The deadline for this monthly report being today, I would ensure I finalize it on time before the end of the day and submit it to my boss (Gerardo’s Business perspectives). This is a very sensitive portion because failure to achieve this, I may end up losing my job. I will meet with our main contact suppliers to discuss and to bargain on the supply of the toiletries and other cleaning agents for the company’s progress (Mr.Doughety). The success of this discussion will ensure improvement in the condition of the working environment in the company. To end up the day, I will conduct an interview with the shortlisted applicants for the position of supervisor. This position has been vacant for now a period of five months. During this period the company has not shown a good remarkable progress in the production line (Mr.Doughety). It, therefore, prompts that an urgent precaution needs to be taken in order remedy this defect. A capable individual, thoroughly knowledgeable in the sector of production should then be recruited with immediate effect. I would, therefore, ensure that I conduct an effective interview and come up with an individual capable of handling the position.

Later tasks.

There are, however, some of the tasks which need not immediate attention and hence can be addressed some other time. I will ensure that I do a thorough inspection or investigation of the company’s progress on the production line. There needs to be a clear documentation of the company’s progress (Tachina’s Business). We need to check where the company lags behind and improve if there need be. I also need to investigate the strongholds of the company and maintain on them. This task, however, is not urgent and it can be handled later. The time scheduled for this task is immediately after I am through with these pressing issues. It need not be handled immediately (Tachina’s Business).


As can be observed above, it is easier to handle the most urgent tasks first after which the other tasks which are not much overwhelming can be given the second priority (Tachina’s Business). It is not proper to strain the mind by handling much work at a time out of which some are not even necessary to be completed at that particular time.


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