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Are you searching for the best 3D printing pen but confused about making the right choice from the full range of varieties in the market?

Finding the best 3D Printing Pen can rather be challenging, but having a guide to help you makes things easier for you.

With the right 3D pen you can transform your fun time with creativity that will leave everyone craving for more!

Adults with creative tendencies can bring their ideas to life while children can also have fun and keep themselves busy with a great 3D pen.

What is a 3D pen?

A 3D pen is actually like a regular pen, but plastic replaces the lid (Kao, Chung, & Hsu, 2017). The plastic melts out through the tip of the pen, letting you create a 3D shape of your choice, and solidifies into the exact way you have designed.

There are different colors of plastic that you can use to bring your creations to life. When the plastic is exhausted, you can always purchase more colors for your pleasure.

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How does a 3D printing Pen work?

3D Printing Pen uses a plastic filament which inserted into the pen. The 3D Pen comes with a heating technology that enables the synthetic filaments to melt into a liquid form, passing through the nozzle (Suvorov& Baran, 2017). Once you start creating a shape, the thread solidifies into the shape and color you have inserted.

Why should you purchase a 3D pen?

3D pens are great for fun and art. The possibilities of what you can do with a 3D pen are limitless. Your imagination and creative nature determine the limit of its work.

It is essential to invest in an excellent 3D pen that you can use for your project over an extended period.

Best 3D printing Pen features

Now that you know the features of 3D Printing Pen and how it works, deciding on a particular choice from the range of varieties below will be a lot easier than it was.

Take a deep breath and glance through some of the best the 3D Printing Pen. So if you are asking “where can I buy a 3D printing pen? Then you should read this guide to find out.

• Design – The new ergonomic design of the Scribbler V3 is their most significant improvement as it lets the pen fits into the hand in a very comfortable way.

• Display – The V3 also features a large ‘OLED display’ that lets you view the pen’s heat and speed settings, which makes the pen operation much more straightforward and straightforward (Gross et al, 2014). It also gives you complete user control over all details of your drawing.

• Flexibility – With the versatile artistic tool of the V3 you have the power to create anything you want with a variety of materials and options to make your artwork as impressive as possible (Lipson & Kurman, 2013).


• Easy to use and manage.

• Easy to follow instructions.

• Stable control and handling.

• OLED screen for custom drawing options, pen’s heat and speed settings, and complete user control.


• In some instances, the power cord may not stay attached and could come loose while drawing.

• In sporadic cases, the suction tip may not work as well as it should and may drip.

• Also, in rare instances, the LED screen may not function well as it should.


So if you’re in search of the top of the line, look no further, because, overall, the V3 is of the best 3D pens. When it comes to 3D pens that are incredibly easy to use as well as safe, then the 3D Pen comes to mind.

The 3D Printing Pen is one of the most straightforward and most reliable pens you can get in the market, and it’s so easy that even children can use it without any hassle. Out there, it, however, makes a great starter pen for any aspiring 3D artist.


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